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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Is It Wrong?

Is it wrong?

No... it isn't. Go ahead. Just be honest with yourself that you enjoy it. Be honest with the "one" you love - if they will accept it. And yes, I know that for many of you, that can be a big, bigger, biggest IF.

They will think it is wrong. That is what you are thinking isn't it?

Are you sure? Find out for sure. Make a little joke, watch a little something that is like what you like... a picture, a documentary... something. Find out before you come out, of whatever closet you might be lurking in. But, come on now... explore the waters (forgive the mixing of cliche metaphores here), they love you and if this is part of you they may love it. Or at least accept it... whatever the IT is.

YEA!!! You are with someone accepting and loving and possibly willing to be a part of that which you hid for way too long. Celebrate, but go slow. Sharing isn't overwhelming. Give them time and find a way to make this part of your life together. There is no magic answer, but with love and acceptance anything is possible. I am proof. Miss Honey wasn't always Miss Honey.

:( You are with someone closed and uptight and possibly willing to condemn you for that which you hid for way too long. Oh, my poor darling. Well, we all have choices and responsibilities. You have to consider them all. There is no magic answer here either. You may have to keep it hidden for a hundred reasons and for that I weep for you.

But, is it wrong?

No, my darling... my kinky, naughty, friend. No, my boy who likes to be spanked, or likes to dress up in girl's clothes, or who wants to be told, "Get on your knees and show me...", or rubs his cock in Jell-O once a day, or any other kink that makes you happy. No, my girl who likes to tie her breasts, or likes to have three toys in the three holes that feel good to be filled, or likes to be told to do something with that bread stick there on the table in the restaurant, or any other kink that makes you happy. No, it isn't wrong.

But you do need balance. As with anything good, find a balance.

It is not wrong to want what you want. To explore what you desire. It is not wrong to be naughty, or kinky, or to wear those pretty pink panties with the little white bow in the front under your power suit.

Just please be...
Safe - be safe with you, be safe with those whose hearts trust you.
Sane - implies balance, implies legal, implies honest with yourself.
Consensual - no, no, no, no, never, ever, ever, ever any unwilling, under-aged, unknowing victims. And you make sure you consent. Never, ever, ever give up your right to say no and have that respected. (Yes, I know there are some... 24/7 slaves... but even you offered that slavery that 100% control and can take back that offer should you need to should safe and sane lines be crossed.)

So... you have these three, the SSC trilogy, and still can't share, because... he... she... they... will not accept, approve, understand? Come tell me, come show me, come share with me. While I may not offer you all that you need... sometimes just knowing that there is one person who says and means it when they say, "No, it isn't wrong." Makes it all right.

No, it is NOT wrong. And I mean that..... well except you, the one over there, yeah you the one in the polka dots panties and plaid bra. Come on now, you have to follow the rules of fashion, even I can't condone breaking those.

So, do you need to share, do you need a friend. Do you just need someone to hear you say the words? Well, my email is over there on the sidebar ----->>>
(And I know I say I may share here on the site, but if you say, please keep this private, I certainly will.)


odysseus said...

Very wise post. And excellent advice all around.

Anonymous said...

I once tried to tell him, the man who should love and accept me the most, what I wanted. He said it was 'disgusting' and that he could never live with himself doing things 'like that'.

So now I hide it and go elsewhere to meet my needs. It would be nice to believe that love always means acceptance. It doesn't seem to, though.

Miss Honey said...

Yes, a huge tragedy really, that love isn't always accepting.

His words hurt, even now... and for that... it is so very sad. For that you that is happy in your desires has to be something so beautiful that he is missing out on.

Anonymous said...

Urk! Is that a pair of my own panties I read before me!?

Dear Miss Honey, you are so gentle and considerate. Your blog is an absolute treasure.


garbonzo said...

thank you so much for reading my post and commenting. I love it that I get to meet new and exciting people through blogging. You definitely fit both categories for me!

Merlin said...

Hi ya
Thanks for following.

bdenied said...

Im with Odysseus, a very wise post. Marianne, it is too bad you opened up and got that kind of comment...I think its what makes us hold back but glad you go and get what you need