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Friday, October 10, 2008

Out for Dinner

Did you know raw fish makes you horny? Or maybe it is the cute hubby sitting across the table saying nice things and telling me when we get home he wants to get naked and offer his bottom for more spankings. He is liking those spankings.

Well... the sake might have had a bit to do with the lovely warmth spreading through my body. But maybe it is Hubby telling me lovely things about my eyes, my smile, my breasts... yes, he likes my breasts and I like him liking them

So now, time for good sex. But the sushi was good too. Just thought I would share what I did... and what I am about to do tonight.

Gotta go now, cute Hubby butt is now bare and really does need a spanking.


Marie said...

Very nice Mistress...I hope you and hubby had fun with that spank and the hot sex! If I was sitting across from you, I would be saying nice things about your eyes, and smile and breasts too. MMMMM.


Merlin said...

A fresh mackerel across the cheeks a few times would be appropriate.

Miss Honey said...

LOL @ Merlin...

Hmmm... sushi as a sex toy... hadn't considered that before. Maybe the wasabi on parts might tingle.