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Friday, October 3, 2008

Odd things I find sexy...

boytoy and I were chatting via Yahoo IM yesterday and he was telling me he was taking a break from painting the fence in the yard. And he also was telling me what he was wearing. It started out him asking me about my panties. boy does have a major panty obsession that I certainly enjoy. BTW champagne colored silk thong with lace trim. So when I asked what he was wearing the answer came back... nothing naughty. So I had him tell me what "normal" clothes he was wearing... shorts, t-shirt, boxers. I nonchallantly said, "And paint spackles."

Ok... I will admit it, I find paint splattered on a strong male arm highly erotic. Flecks of paint against tan skin is a turn on. I don't know why. It just is. And I imagine paint against other body parts would do it for me too.

So let's see... what else is strangely sexy to me...

Any person in the vegetable section at the grocery store might do it for me. Ok, this isn't a hard on to figure out, I have naughty thoughts frequently about veggies and their potential naughty uses. But nearly every time I am at the grocery store and picking out my own produce I glance around and pick one person and make up a little story about what they will be doing with that zucchini or those tomatoes... and yes, I am thinking very, very naughty thoughts.

Bare feet. No, I don't really have a foot obsession, well except my own and my precious pedicures. But when someone is comfortable enough to go barefoot unexpectedly and they have nice bare feet that can be very sexy. There was a women sitting next to me in Vegas once, she was dressed all up but took her heals off, it was just... erotic.

I think tractors are sexy. Power, hard work, outdoors (those rumbly vibrations of the engine don't hurt either.) It helps if the farmer on top is good looking, but they oddly tractors do it for me. That scene in Flashdance when the two rivals are playing chicken with tractors on the dirt road... to me... that was sexy (silly, but sexy).

A guy walking a dog. Ok, this can go either way. If he is walking a big bruiser of a dog... it shows him as confident and strong. Little yiper of a dog... he is submissive as his partner talked him into the little ankle biter and made him take it for a walk (possibly an unjustified assumption on my part, but it is my fantasy). Either way he is sensitive enough to care for another being and that too is sexy. Girl walking a dog is sexy too, but those thoughts can get very, very, very naughty.

Freckles and red hair... ok, this is a easy one to personally understand. My first true love in elementary school was a redhead with freckles. Billy stole my heart and broke it eventually, as all third grade boys will do, but ever since... find red hair and freckles a HUGE turn on.

What is something you find sexy... something a bit unusual and why?


perfectlips said...

Dear Miss Honey

This is a nice post and I'd like to answer your question. But first:

You have linked the Body Currency banner in your sidebar to a University of Illinois page about houseplants instead of to

That's naughty but not very nice. Why did you do that?


Miss Honey said...

LOL... that is too funny. Ahhh, the dangers of copy and paste. I was answering the question of a friend new to live plants. She is venturing away from the silk and to the real and so was helping her with a good hardy specimen.

The banner is now fixed. :)

So... your answer to my question is?...

Anonymous said...

I bet a few people got a nasty shock!

The way you write it feels like a treat to think about your question. Two immediate responses:

1. Veg. I must admit I have occasionally bought appropriately shaped vegetables for non-food purposes. I have the horrible feeling that EVERYONE KNOWS exactly what I'm doing, why I'm selecting so carefully. It really is a horrible and not nice feeling, but I think there is a wisj to be able to share.

2. Feet. Women wearing trousers with tights (pantyhose?) underneath. Or maybe those hose-type socks. For some reason that sends me wild.

And one of my own:

3. Ugly. Sometimes a person who is physically unattractive (going by the standard measures; I don't mean I find people repulsive) I find unaccountably sexy. The most recent was a man, a builder (actually a very pleasant chap) who was practically spherical, unwashed, difficulty breathing, etc., trackpants. I found myself wondering what it would be like to make love with him, exploring his body, ... A woman I used to see around had a turned-in eye and something wrong with her face. I thought she looked really dirty and was convinced she must be fantastic in bed. Nothing came of it however.

I love your blog. Your more serious and your lighter oieces are really enticing in all kinds of ways.

PerfectLips (sorry, prob with openID)

Marie said...

MMMMMM I find your toes Mistress, so very very fricken sexy.

I also love fingers, eyes, smiles.

I love a man who is good with numbers, oh and anyone who can rattle off long words sounding sexy, is so fucking sexy to me.

MMMMM Mistress, I love red heads with freckles


Vixen said...

Eyes and long hair. Something about a persons eyes can be so damn sexy. Especially when they are sexually aroused. Add Long hair into the mix and I am a goner. There is just something about long hair on a guy turns me on. Feeling that long hair tickling your thighs when.......okay need to go for a bit kind of getting turned on just thinking about it.


freecroma10 said...

Dear ma'am,

The people are bewitched by the strength (money=power!). A cathedral, a military parade, a locomotive speeding in onto the railway station may symbolize the “force”, than an oddly tractor.
The sub males are because of this in big trouble. The woman wants to rule over her male partner always of course (possibly not from selfishness, but in the interest of her child) but they have not the slightest intention of a tweak male to choose for themselves. The infirmity fails to impress women. It is necessary to show strength because of this before the women in real world always. The Roman ones knew this already: "mundus vult decipi..."


donriser said...

I love the scent of a man after a fresh shower, but I also love the scent of a man who's been working hard all day -- the smell of his clean sweat combined with the smells of products of hard labor like gasoline fumes, sawdust (a favorite), grease, paint, etc. I think the two remind me of my grandfather (a very strong man who worked hard) and my dad (another strong man who tended to be more white collar and very clean). Not everyone has the right scent, but when it wafts across me, oh is that a turn on.