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Monday, October 13, 2008

Free at Last - 30-10 San Diego

The demon that was New England has been exercised for my boy's wearing their light blue throwbacks at home last night. The Patriots have done more than a little damage in the play offs to the Chargers but this big win may have turned this season around.

And I don't want to hear about Brady not being there. Merriman isn't there for SD and so I am going to give that one a nice, fresh wash. Their #1 offensive player for our #1 defensive player.

Oh, but what a pretty defense it was for us. Did you see those four sacks and one interception? After the shake up of losing Merriman I think perhaps Fuckin' Norv is finally realizing that you have to prepare your players for all contingencies including losing such a dynamic team leader.

And speaking of team leader... there is my boy... I just love Phillip Rivers. A passion and love for the game of football. Throwing three TDs for the night to Malcom Floyd,to Vincent Jackson and to Antonio Gates. He looked sure of himself and his receivers.

Oh, and the night also added a nice little record for LT, who continues to play hurt and continues to gain yardage despite Fuckin' Norv repeatedly sending him up the god-damn middle, as he crossed the 11,000 career rushing yard mark. Sproles has been an incredible back up for LT, and this season has become his own man. He is amazing to watch and at only 5'6" I think he has an advantage as he is just too fast and too slippery and sometimes too small for the hulks on the other side to grab hold of.

So YEA!! my boys won, my team won and this moves their season to 3-3 but I feel the need for an asterisks on that record after the robbery that was the Hockuli debacle at the Denver game. We are now on the road, and a very long road it will be as next we are in Buffalo, but it is the week following that worries me. Going to London to play the Saints as traveling that much can have some strange effects.

But today I am pleased with this 30-10 win over those damn play-off ending Pats.


Marie said...

Mistress, YAY They won!!! I am so happy! So cute you love your sports as I am so not a sports fan at all, but I love your chargers because they give me reasons to be adventurous and push myself for you. Last week with their loss I offered you a zipper of 8 pins, but this week in honor of their win, I would like to do a zipper with 19 pins, the amount they won by, all connected as one zipper. This will push me Mistress, please let me do this for you along with the 123 spanks that I will take for you Mistress. Hope you like that idea, I need to do something to show how excited I am that your boys in blue won!


Anonymous said...

Yay!!!!! Miss Honey, so happy your team won this week. Doing a football happy dance for both of us!

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Honey

This is such a good post! I haven't watched American football in years. You write about it so well. My flatmate used to support some team or other and we used to watch the game most weeks. I loved the game but understood virtually nothing. Now I'm imagining you appearing at the flat, like a superior being from another planet.

I'll go and find out who these Chargers are. It'd be good to introduce my son to American football. Damn sight more interesting than Rugby.



Merlin7 said...

I know you don't wanna hear it!!!

Brady wasn't there!!!!

Maybe when you boys beat the real patriots including Brady and not a third string QB you can take some pleasure in that.

If you toss a coin up 10 times its gotta land on the chargers side once hasn't it.

A very biased view from and England Patriot
Merlin , England

Be lucky

Miss Honey said...

If Brady is your whole team and the only way to win... well then... HA

Merlin7 said...

Only teasing!!!!
Thanks for the link

Be Lucky


Miss Honey said...


Oh... I can take it... LOL... love sports and ribbing the fans of the other teams is part of the fun.

And you have a great team... but it is nice to get this win.