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Sunday, October 19, 2008

For Marie

Marie and I have, after many tears and much love, decided it is best for us both to be now friends rather than Mistress and submissive. This was not an easy decision, but one that had to be made. She said more beautifully than I ever could all that needed to be said on her wonderful blog post - Another New Beginning.

I have offered this reply there, but wanted to make it public here on my blog so that all would know how much love and care I have for her and how much I know she will succeed...


It was such a sad day for me. You have been all I could have ever wanted in a submissive and so much more. A friend you will always be. An inspiration of strength and grace. A woman who is so brave and adventurous. Someone who made me smile so often.

You are on a new path now. But I know you are not alone. I see even now all the friends gathering with you as you have been there for them on so many occasions.

We learned so much together, me as much from you as you did from me. That is a beautiful thing. I know you are ready for this change and it will be a wonderful thing to continue to watch someone I love and admire be everything incredible she desires to be.

I know already there are some probably seeking out your domination sweet Miss Marie. And that will be an interesting thing to see happen should you decide to let them kiss your pretty toes. And remember, you make them wait as they should on their knees.

I am proud of you, I am honored to be your friend. I will love you for all that is beautiful in you for always.

Hugs and sweet kisses,
Miss Honey


Marie said...

Miss Honey,

Thank you for these words. It was nice to wake and see what your thoughts were today, as I woke with that sad feeling in the pit of my stomach and my heart still aching. I know we will both find our way through this sad time, because we are both strong, and because we love each other and because we are still going to be a nice part of each other's lives, even if it does take some adjustment. Today I feel sad, I have thought all day about everything, from the start, the jealousy issues, when our relationship shifted and I can't help wishing there was some way to go back, but I know we can't, so I have kept myself occupied today and got out of the house, and smiled even as I thought of things, and I have managed not to cry today, but I hope the day is coming soon that these tears are not so ready to fall. This is harder than I ever dreamed it would be, but seeing you say all these nice things about me, makes me more hopeful, and it's not that I don't feel them, but right now, all the good things I feel are mixed with the sad things and so, I will keep reading these words you wrote me, until there is only good left. I love you always.

Creative Shari said...
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Anonymous said...

While I have not known you long Miss Honey, I have seen such love and growth between marie and you. Know I am thinking of you both during this sad time. Both of you are strong women that I respect greatly. Hugs to you Miss Honey, during this sad period of time.

Marie said...

Hugs Miss Honey, I love you...and I know this is not easy for you either, for you to read what I wrote, for us to go through this last week, or for you to write these words...but I love you and I know you are sad too, and together, we will find our way.