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Monday, October 20, 2008

Ohhh... the Scent of Her

What does a woman smell like? There are a few easy answers. Her shampoo, when you bury your face in her silky hair and inhale deep. You could pick that one out of a lineup. And the lotion on her legs and arms is so subtle but kiss her here or there and you can just make it out and it is so very nice. Her perfume, yes, you know that one too with your eyes closed. She took a long time finding just the one for her. Hints of citrus, or vanilla, or perhaps something more exotic like jasmine flowers. But she made it hers, it is her. There under her arms, does she like that powder fresh or shower clean? Do you really like better that scent there after all day that is more her than the chemicals she put on to mask her? Tell her so, tell her inhaling that smell is intoxicating.

Ahhh, but speaking of intoxicating. What are the other smells of a woman? Her feet after a long day when you get on your knees and you take them in your hands, slowly remove those heels that have started to make her feet ache. As you rub each little toe you know you take an inhale and you know that smell is her and it is good. And if you lean down and rub your cheek along her delicate instep you know that scent of woman, your woman most basic there. And since you are down there you start at the bottom and work your way up. Up her long legs perhaps encased in gossamer silk stockings that she knows make you weak. And those too have a smell that is part of her and excites you. And up some more to knee and thigh and warm skin there where garters clip to lacy tops. Inhale the scent there just there. And just a little higher now. Can you smell her through those pretty panties she wears to cover that which you desire to inhale most of all?

Can you describe the smell there? Sweet, musk, pure, sex. Give me a single word or a hundred and I know it still may not fully describe that which makes a woman's pussy smell delicious. For it is wrapped in such pleasure that the cells needed in your brain to take it all in when you bury yourself there between her legs is near to overwhelming. It is her and your need for her that is as primal as anything. As you inhale there so close to everything you desire she is everything.

What does a woman smell like? She smells like love and lust, her scent is that of comfort and beauty. She is infinitely erotic and at once simply her. And you would know the smell that is her anywhere. Go on now... breath deep.


Anonymous said...
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Miss Honey said...

I don't know any Master Dale... I know Chip and Dale and have always wondered about those two... who do you think is the Top? Hmmm, for that matter why do some cartoon animals wear shirts and some pantes? It seems entirely random and quite potentially exposing.

But I think I digress... or egress or can someone just gress?

It is all loveliness now as you are there and I am here and did you like the post about the Scent of a Woman? Or it was just the closest one to grab to ask me this question? Either way :D (there is a big smile).


bdenied said...

heaven......any questions?

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Honey

This post got me thinking, and I've written too much to fit into a comment. I've posted it over at my place, with a link to your original.


Sophie said...

If the scent of a woman is so intriguing, you might wanna check:

Anonymous said...
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Miss Honey said...

@missandmisterkinky... woo hoo... a classy brain... but probably a slutty ego. As I just adore fun posts like this that stroke it so purrrfectly.

BTW... if you (or anyone)ever want to just email me a Q or a ... whatever... my email is over there ---->> in the sidebar somewhere.