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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Are You Ready for Some Football?

San Diego Chargers at Buffalo

Ok... the score is 7-3 right now for my boys in blue and we are nearing halftime. This is an important game and Buffalo is looking pretty strong. Do you think this wearing of my Rivers jersey (which I LOVE) will bring any luck to my San Diego team?

If anything maybe my friends in other countries might learn to appreciate American football a bit more with this offering. I do what I can for international relations.


Game over 1:00 p.m. California Time...

Final score -
San Diego 14 - Buffalo 23

Oh... Rivers, such a not pretty game my boy (and I posted this for you, but I am no fair-weather fan and still am wearing my jersey). The three turn overs just hurt us beyond repair, especially that interception in our end zone when we would have had the go ahead score was just so bad. Defense just wasn't rushing the passer, our defesive backs weren't marking their recievers which left us so vulnerable to those short passes. Oh... well... such is sports. Any given Sunday, baby.


acker said...

Oh my Mistress Honey, these are the best pair of cute asscheecks i have seen for a long time.. and of course for the good cause too :)
Thank you for showing this sexy little bit of you here.

perfectlips said...

I may well be getting into American football. Watched with our son some "highlights" on the BBC website the other day. He agreed it is a crazy game.

But who to support? Every American blogger I follow seems to support a different team. Maybe we should just watch games for a while. I don't suppose there are any teams with pink gingham costumes?


MissandMisterKinkY said...
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Marie said...

Nice one!

Jane not Plain said...

We must be two bees in a hive, because not only have I recently discovered the pleasures of writing and reading blogs about sex and sensuality, but I've been a SD Chargers gal for YEARS....litterally since I was about 11 years old. That was back in the Dan Fouts/Kellen Winslow days.

I've always been a sucker for a tight end, and you, my dear, have a nice one!